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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


The new podcast is up. (smokeandmirrors.podblaze.com) This week we feature Ice-A-Tone, Becca Byram, Ben Simon, Brain Shivers rejects, Ken Weingold's solo debut, and so much more.

F#$%ing Podblaze keeps shutting me down during Chris's Dead Milkmen tune at 9:26 right in the middle of the guitart solo.

Damn I'm angry...
OK... I'm back in the band. I'm jamming to Buzzing Bees and it rocks. Put it back on the record.
There's a whole record's worth of things that were cut from the record.

Know what this means?

Another record!

Jackson, let's just do our own mixes of the dropped songs and put this out, as Fish 'n Stew, Symmetrical Jeans, whatever.
Cool, I'm famous! I like the edited version.
Hmm, we got 'The Power of Rock' (Buzzin Bee's), "When I Was', Anything You Want', 'Going Home', 'Chronic Schizophrenia', 'Tiny Violence', 'Aunt Bea', and 'Neilish'. Thats' eight from that time frame, we could add a couple more like 'Buildings', 'Tinfoil Rocketship', '70 Dart', or 'Prickly' to round it out.

I like Symetrical Jeans, maybe we use Fish n' Stew as our publishing company name.
Sure, OK, Symmetrical Jeans (all titles published by Fish 'n Stew Music).

Maybe 8 songs is enough. Let's go back to the old days of 30-40 minute records.

Wasn't there another recent tune that George thought wasn't appropriate for Shivers?
Why not just do it with 8 songs? Let's bring back the 30-40 minute record!
Would you like to do it with just 8 songs, and bring back the days of the 30 - 40 minute record?
I'll tell you what - I'm thinking, let's just do 8 songs, and bring back the days of the 30-40 minute record.
Either one of you guys needs to quit the band or go hand out keys to someone...
Jackson you are really getting good at the Podcast thing my man. Good tunes, good banter, cool sound effects. The bomb!

If those tunes are Brain Shivers throw aways this record better be fucking Dark Side Of The Moon II...
I knew there was some cosmic reason I drove to work today...

I am waiting until I'm stuck in traffic to listen.

With all these comments so far, I find myself very excited about that impending traffic.
it's all dark, really....

George wants Brain Shivers not only to have great songs, but continuity, therefore any song we write that doesn't fit George's spectrum for Brain Shivers ends up an orphan, but since we wrote all these songs, they fit with eachother based on their relation to eachother via us, so the album's done, who wants the glass master?
I need to get a George Vitray CD.

The first song was really cool. Don't cut that Brain Shivers song - just do a double CD.

Great show once again...

i'm looking forward to getting my 3rd show going.

We need to talk, as part of the Huezine staff, you can post your shows on my server. That means you will be able to do longer shows. And that means More Smoke and Mirrors. and that would be better... because any crack head will tell you, More is Better.

one more thing, great hip hop intro.

Working in a studio is one of my dream jobs (sans being an arena rock star of the 80's).

Working in a studio is right up there with:
- Strip club DJ (my old job)
- 6 month stint as CEO of Disney
- Porn Director
- Beverly Hills Plastic surgeon.
- being Ron Jeremy in the 70's

Keep up the great work.
Brain Shivers will be preceeded by a limited release (aren't they all) 8 song record (30 -40 minutes, like the old days) called Brain Slivers or Brain Shards or summink that will have all the stuff that George cut.

I can't wait to post a podcast at 120 kbs.
I like Brain Slivers a lot.

So, does anyone know what "Brain Shivers" means?
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