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Wednesday, August 10, 2005


I used to read comic books like any other twelve year-old. I haven't clung to comic books like some do, I have heavy metal to keep me fifteen eternally, but none the less I did go through my Marvel Comics phase, and my guys were the loner types. I didn't much go for the 'League of Superheroes' type thing like the X-Men, The Avengers, The Fantastic Four et al. I liked the guys that acted on their own, outside society, outside the law. I was into Iron Man (although he did have a link to the Avengers), Daredevil, and the Black Panther. Outcasts among outcasts. Loose Cannons. Guys with big old chips on their shoulders, alcoholism, blindness, racial discrimination.
Who's your favorite superhero, and why?

Marvels, Morbius. The ultimate loner.

Vampire superhero, although he did some time with the Midnight Sons, and a few missions with Spiderman. other than that total vampire loner.

I was a complete comic book nerd. I always wanted to be an Xman. But when I figured out I wouldn't have any mutant powers, i did the next best thing...
Took guitar lessons from the stoner loner down the street...

It's funny, when I discovered Michael Schenker and UFO I put away my comics. Michael, with his leather jump suit and Flying V... he was my new superhero.

And still is today, I'm listening to "no heavy petting" as I type this.

Rock on sir.
My favorite superhero has always been Lou Reed, as he appeared on the first issue of "Punk."

As far as "real" superheroes go - how about the Greatest American Hero? He seemed funny (when I was 8).
The Greatest American Hero was a wimp, and a geek, and a no-account loser with a gay theme song. You should have stuck with Lou....

Michael Schenker is a Superhero. I recently saw a photo of him in 75 with Ace Frehely type shoulder apparell. Very Superheroesque.
I did stick with Lou, you Greatest American Hero Hater.

Schenker in leather with Ace Frehley shoulder pads... that sounds a bit suspect.
Hate, Hate, Hate!

Schenker, Schenker, Schenker!

'Believe it or not, I'm walking on air..." - Gay.
In 1977 I saw a band open for REO Speedwagon on the Tuna Piano tour that forever changed what the words "rock guitar super hero" meant. UFO played the entire set featured on the "Strangers In The Night" live album. Schenker (what's that guys name? We asked...) stood in front of his twin stacks at full volume, obviously intoxicated out of his mind (verified by waiter friends working the hotel he was staying in and had dinner at), with his head slunk down over his yin/yang V, and torn the brains out of our 14 year old heads with pure expolosive wailing.

I'm taking Schenker over GAH I think. No Heavy Petting simply rocks.
That was 78, and you were fifteen with your brains on your lap.

More hate - more band quitting - Schenker - King Band Quitter....
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