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Monday, August 15, 2005


I've been blogspammed three times now. Twice here by religious nutjobs (I know, redundant), and once on my private Bio Blog by some gem trading company. That shows how crappy their strategy is; who's gonna buy yer damn stones - nobody reads that blog. I ain't buyin' no damn stupid rocks. Precious stones, hah! Precious to whom? Not me. Gems, jewelery, I got no time for that crap.

Have I mentioned that I'm considering marriage?

If you're considering marriage, you better start making time for jewelry.
I've been blogspammed twice, once by some jackass selling X-Boxes and once by some right wing "Super Jackass".

Could there be a worse marketing strategy???

Those things aren't important to women, right?

I'm out on R&R, but I'm booked to be in NYC Fri Aug 26.

Fucking cut my fret board finger working on my old man's deck, but should be healed by then. If not, they'll be blood on Us & Them.

"...Sorry to hear about that Danny, Hey, pick up that blood"
Jake - Married?!?

Long Duck Dong - Maddied!

Jake - Married?!??!

Long Duck Dong - Maddied!!!!

(door closes)

Jake - married?

Long Duck Dong (through door) - Yes!! Maddied!! Sheesh!!
Ah, the other Geddy - Gede Wanatabe. Great actor! Not Canadian though.
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