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Monday, August 22, 2005


The Horse You Rode In On has agreed to re-form for TEDSTOCK, a tour of Japan is being discussed. Note to self; order more beer.

great news
I think the One Day of No Peace might have to morph into Two Days of No Peace. I hear CSN (Y isn't returning C's calls) is in talks with the promoters.
I also heard that the Greatfuls are plannning to pull Jerry out of his box to play the show-Ah Good times, Good Times.
Holy shit, that would fucking rock. Even Joel would come in?
The Y of CSN&Y has officially been replaced by Bjork. They are now - officially - Crosby, Stills, Nash and Bjork.
Yes Joel is in. It came down to his participation, no Joel, no Horse. I feel very special.

CSN&B Forever!
You should feel special. And I. I get to play on the same bill as the Horse. I have arrived!
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