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Thursday, August 04, 2005


Located on Grand St. in Williamsburg, one block from my studio, it will probably be the location for TEDSTOCK. I went there last night to see Figo, Paul's band, not to be confused with Acquiesce, Paul's other band, or Formula One, which mutated into Figo via some line-up changes and some new material. I must say, I like watching Figo play, there's a sense of abandon that wasn't there when they were Formula One, and much less posturing. I can chalk a good lot of that up to the departure of their former singer Skippy Gallagher. I have to go back to Trash Bar two more times today. Once with the team of backers that are financing TEDSTOCK, and then again tonight to see The X's. It's kinda weird becasue about a month ago I saw the X's and Figo on the same night in two seperate clubs, and now I'll be seeing them in the same club on two seperate, but consecutive nights, and the venue is where I'm negotiating to put on the event of the fall season in New York. I'm telling you that TEDSTOCK will be bigger than the lighting of the tree in Rockefeller Center/Plaza/Thingy. Just my using all capitals when typing TEDSTOCK makes the event a very big deal. In fact, though they cut it from the segment, Biff Henderson asked me about TEDSTOCK last week.

Last night I had an epiphany about TEDSTOCK. I had been concerned about how to get it all in. I don't want to force my family to spend nine hours in a rock club, and I didn't want to turn any interested bands away. I never thought that I'd have this much interest. Telling Jon Bon Jovi that he couldn't play TEDSTOCK was the hardest thing I've had to do, but I just don't have room on the bill for any more bands.

The Four Fellas, Geek Farm, The X's, Figo, Microdot, Brain Shivers/Via Skyway, The Andy Rock Band, The Symetrical Jeans Band, Happy Boy, Just One, Acquiesce (not confirmed), The Horse You Rode In On (not confirmed)

I'm sure there will be addidtions, and I've probably left somebody out, but you see the potential difficulty. My solution is to book the venue as a private function from 4 - 8 PM, and then clear out the food, let those who would like to escape have an opportunity to do so without awkwardness, and then open the club up to the general public, keep playing, and let the bar charge a cover if they want (we will have stamps or wristbands for TEDSTOCK guests). There's too much potential to make this thing an event, and I don't want to burden my family with how massive TEDSTOCK will become.

As per Hue's comment, the date is Sunday, October 30.

I hear there are already lines stretching around the block, no wait those are just people smoking.
Trash Bar would work. Problem would be directing people there from the Subway. Williamsburg is weird.
It's like gettin' to Woodstock, man, just follow the crowds down the road.
This sounds like THE event of the year, F*&k Live 8 - TEDSTOCK is where it's at.

What is the date of this momentious occation?
It's VERY accessable from both the subway (L train to Bedford) and by car, BQE and Williamsburg Bridge just a few blocks away. It's just about the easiest place to get to EVER!!!!!
I agree with Hue, and there's no way we'll be cutting the Floyd's set short so we can watch ex VJ's make fools out of themselves.
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Far Right Wing
I thought I heard Melvin Belli say, "Don't turn me into a proctologist here, I'm just looking for place so the kids can come and have fun and listen to some music. The city won't give us permits for Golden Gate Park, so I've got Dick Stewart here with me and he says he can fit this TEDSTOCK thing in over at his speedway in Altamont".

The only thing that sucks is the Sunday aspect which can't be helped, but we'll live.

"Who's fighting and what for?"
I just made my own TEDSTOCK wristband. I know it's three months in advance, but it got me free lunch at my neighborhood deli and looks of jealousy and amazement from my coworkers.

TEDSTOCK needs a slogan.

...if those cat's don't stop beating up everyone in sight, I mean it's either they cool out or we don't play.....

.....Keith, Keith, Keith....KEITH! Can you stop it while I cool things out?....

Don't take the brown Microdot.

Can we rent the Flying Pig from Dave?
I'm currently working on the Spitfire flyby, timed to coincide with Ted's final chorus of "Peace Chicken."

I think some inflatables are not out of the question.

There should be T-shirts and other items on sale to offset the cost of all the drugs we're going to need.
Fine. Just have size Small available, god damn you.
The Stones told me that they want to do a small warm up gig before the world tour. Keefe said that he will supply the drugs if we let them play.

What should I say.
Ken, is that small drugs, or small t-shirts?
Women. And t-shirts.
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