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Monday, August 01, 2005


The new Podcast is up. Back to the original format. Featured guest track by George Vitray.



Strange how the track which made the worst transition to MP3 was the Acquiesce track. The cymbals are completely destroyed. I guess super hot levels + lossy data compression = bad high end.

Nice job. I'm always happy to hear "Little Doggie" (featuring Buck), and I should mention that Annie Rusoff sang backing vocals on "Major Tom."
Very well done podcast Jackson. Great tune selection. You guys already know how great I think the Major Thom track is. I'd have to say that the loss of the low end (of course I'm sitting at my laptop at work listening to it thru shitty laptop speakers) diminishes what is a most killer back beat going on, but I've got my CD version to fall back on.

All the other S&M productions sound great. Now you've got two projects to bring to packaging, All The Bricks, and Brain Hammer, oops...!, I mean Brain Shivers.
I waited until my drive home to listen to the show. I'm glad I did, traffic pisses me off.

Great show - I liked all the songs - the Major Tom cover kicked ass, the cleveland band rocked as well.

I really liked that jam mix (I hit rewind about 3 times) - it reminded me of one of my favorite bands, Morecheeba. VERY tasty mix.Give George Vitray "big ups" from Minneapolis. You say he can make a piece of shit sound good - give him one of my songs to mix (see if he can make that shit sound good - scratch that, I could never afford him).

Dennis More transistions were great.

The intro to the first song, The New York song - very interesting...

Great show, keep them coming.
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