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Monday, August 01, 2005


When I got out to the beach, I realized that I didn't have a book. That's unthinkable, so we went to Bookhampton in Easthampton, and I bought 'Whores: An Oral History of Perry Ferrell and Jane's Addiction". It's a collection of quotes from about thirty or so insiders, and is basically a synopsis of the LA club scene during the mid to late eighties. Having already read the Anthony Keidis bio, I was somewhat familiar with the setting. I burned through it so fast, that I needed to buy another book yesterday. I ended up with two (thanks Baby); "Motley Crue; The Dirt" and 'The Complete Headbanging History of Heavy Metal". I'm half way through the Crue book, and it's a gas, much funnier that the Jane's book. Same sad disease, and many of the same settings, but told with far less reverence, and a lot more memorable quotes.

Nikki Sixx: I took heroin to ease the pain of life, which is the pain of not being on heroin.

Fortunately, most of you will never know how astute a statement that is. It sounds funny, it is funny, but it's also very accurately describes the disease state. The Jane's book is way more heavy in terms of attitude. It's much the same story; a junkie band hits the big time, let the disaster begin. The Jane's book lacks the humor that I feel comes from an adjusted, and sober, review of the times, which is to say that it would seem that the Jane's crew is still working out some issues.

Jane's Addiction was a far better band in every respect than Motley Crue, and I bet even Nikki Sixx would agree, but I'm finding these Motley guys rather endearing. Whereas I don't think I'd want to hang out with Perry Ferrell or David Navarro, one would freak me out, and the other would bum me out, I'd enjoy time with Nikki, Tommy, Vince or Mick......today, not twenty years ago. I'm glad I never got the chance to hang out with either band twenty years ago when I would have welcomed it, I could have died.

I haven't finished the Crue book yet. I'm fairly sure I know how it ends, and it's not going to be "...and then they became great musicians." But in one way they are a great band, like dude, they got a ton of chicks man. (well, not Mick)

Do they talk at all about Mick's former job - a shoe salesman?

My guess is he got a FEW more chicks as one of the Crue (does this computer have oomlats?) than he did as a shoe guy. Probably not THAT many, though.
I really liked the book "Dirt" I hear it's going to be a movie with Ashton Kutcher playing Tommy Lee - They should change the movie name to "Shit".

Zappa's book is great too, I've never read the Janes addiction book, but it looks right up my alley.

I have a good friend who writes for Spin, he has some good books to check out:

Fargo Rock City
Sex Drugs and Coco puffs
killing yourself to live.

All by Chuck KLosterman.
Yeah, I'm gonna read the Closterman books when I'm done with the Headbangin' History...
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