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Friday, August 26, 2005


Chris and I spent the past few days doing some work on a short film by John Adams, aka John Law of The X's. John and I recorded a song for the end credits, and Chris and I edited. mixed and mastered the audio for the film. He shot in HD video, and it looks great. His wife, Toby - The Boss, stars in the film. They are submitting it to Sundance, and I wish them the best. Doing film audio is a departure for me, but Chris has a goodly amount of experience from his days at the Daily Show. I'm very happy with the song. John laid down his tracks quikcly on a modified stock Machold beat, then he began requesting all my favorite little studio tricks, backwards reverb, distortion drums, odd synth noises. My favorite bit was the laughing. During one vocal take John let out some crazy maniacal luaghter. We ditched the rest of the take, and added four more tracks of cackling. I love that shit. I guess the highpoint, personally, was when Chris came in and heard what we had done. I think we surprised him. Not easy to do.

When I first came in, I thought what I was hearing was something that John had brought in, something done out of house. It just seemed so "produced," not like it was done in a few hours.

A good sign.
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