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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


The bands have been finalized, more or less, as has been the running order, more or less:

4pm - 8pm:

Teddy Ramone
Four Fellas
Geek Farm
The Lost Patrol

8pm - 2am

Symetrical Jeans
Via Skyway
Happy Boy
The X's
Andy Rock Band

There may be some shifting, and there's still a chance that other acts show up as well. I told Jon Bonjovi that if Andy Rock can't make it, they can fill in, but Sambora can't wear any hats, and we get to use their lights. There's the possibility of Acquiesce and The Horse You Rode In On as well.

In order to get moving on the promo materials and merchandising we need to finalize the tag line:

TEDSTOCK - One Day of No Peace and __________

I like 'Chicken'. I also like 'Sandwiches'.


So I guess Brain Shivers got cut? Or will it be folded into "Symmetrical Jeans"?
One Day of No Peace or Whining?

How did you decide on the band order?
Yes, I was thinking of putting the Brain Shivers into a Chris/Ted set.

I'm still tweaking the running order, but I did what most concert promoters do, I gave the prime time slots to the bands that draw the most folks, and I put on my closest personal friends early because I know that they won't hold it against me, I hope. I can't have Figo play when my Mom and Dad are there, The X's are my big draw, Happy Boy is the main event - this is TEDstock after all. I know playing at 6 is early Ken, but there will be people there I gurantee you. Plus by 7 you can drink as much as you like. One change I might make is to put Geek Farm on at 8 and Me and Chris (symetrical jeans) on at 6, that way the kids get to see uncle Ted with a band. Children will have to leave at 8 when the show goes public.
I'd still like to go with, simply:

"One day of no peace."
ONE DAY OF NO PEACE is good. Can I get a harumph?
One Day of No Peas
How about, One Day of Gratuitous Titties? You do want to sell tickets, right?

How about Three Strange Days by School of Fish...wait, taken.

How about The Day I Couldn't Get Back?

Hey, I'm just brainstorming here.
Not meaning to spam or anything. How about "Come See a Guy Fall Off the Stage".

Seriously, I'm bored. But best of luck in your endeavours. <-- Why am I spelling like an Englishman? I guess it was those lime wedges I had with my enchiladas the other day.
One day no piece, why no Figo for Mum and Dad? I'm interested.
Well, you know you've got my harumph.
Oh, I'm not complaining. I was just curious. Whatever time you want us on is fine. I'm just happy to be playing the primo event of the year.
How about...

One day of No Peace and No Sprouts.
I was joking about the 'no Figo for mum' thing, and it's funny because she e-mailed me and asked the same question, and inquired if she was going to thrown out at 8 w/ the children. I told her that I was hoping she would stick around, and that Figo was certainly no more offensive than any other band Paul is in (another joke, I'll stop now).
I think it's pretty clear why Figo can't play for mum.
No pea(s)ce or carrot shavings?
How about One Day. No Peace, but lots of hairy balls (waxing optional).
Peas porridge hot, peas porridge cold, peas porridge up yer bum!
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