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Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Did anybody tape or Tivo the Letterman show last night? I'd like to see it. I don't have a TV.

Awwww fuck.

I fell asleep long before the debut. I can't believe I missed it.

Any confirmation the segment aired?
Sorry Jackson, I didn't tape it. You were fabulous though!!! I went looking for the clip at Dave's site, but it was not available. Didn't your folks tape it?
Rod has a freind who taped it, he's gonna get a dvd of it.
Once you get a copy of it, you really need to figure out how to post it on this blog. The segment is brillant. Did Biff give you a lift out to the studio from Manhattan at least?
Good news! My folks taped it too. I'll grab a copy of it and have it converted to a .avi file for you.
I gotta see that , I just moved last week and can't get CBS with Rabbit ears.
I can post it onto my idisk once you have an mpeg of it
Awesome, guys. I can't wait to see this. As you may know, we always said that Ted was the most likely to be seen naked on the cover of Rolling Stone, so this is a step.
Well, Ken, your own stellar performance last night on "Sorry 'Bout Your Mamma" (soon to appear on a podcast near you...) puts you closer to the cover of any magazine.
I still think you guys are trying to make me feel good, but others seem to have liked it, so maybe it actually is good. Thanks either way.
We're just trying to make you feel good.
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