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Monday, August 15, 2005


I think Elliott Spitzer is cool, I think. I'm not sure though. I see him on the train to DC all the time, he can be seen in the cafe car with his documents spread out and and enjoying a Corona or two. He seems like a regular guy. He is the New York State Attorney General, so he's suspect on the basis of guilt by association, but I'm going to give him a chance. I like how he dealt with Sony and that Lopez slut and her shitty records, so I'm going to give Elliott a chance to engage us. I'm going to ask him 5 questions, the answers to which will reveal the man behind the badge. Based on his reply, which is to say that if Elliott has the balls to comment on my blog, he'll gain points for merely participating in the blogsphere. He doesn't currently have a blog, or at least not that I could find, but he could register to comment like so many others.

1) Elliott, do you think the american music industry will ever be ethical in it's business practices? How do you deal with independant promoters who funnel money from the big record companies to big radio companies?

2) Elliott, who's better, UFO or Rush?

3) Elliott, how do you personally feel about marijuana legalization, marijuana usage, and manditory minimums for marujuana related offenses?

4) Elliott, c'mon, your a Jets fan, right? (A very important question Elliott, and I suggest you take your time with it.)

5) This last question is the most important of them all, Elliott. I pray for you on this one. Truly, I wish to support you as Govenor, but we have to get past this one last issue. Elliott, where do you go to get a dog?

We await your response.

I have no idea how Elliot (What kind of name is Elliot? Elliot's that fat kid in school who eats paste!) will respond, but I know how I'll respond...

1. no, the American music industry will never be more ethical than other any other business. That is to say, money talks.

2. this is a no brainer. Rush.

3. I forgot the question

4. J - E - T - S. Especially if they move back to Queens, then me (and Elliot) will take the train together to see some games.

5. If you're talking the animal, then you go to any one of the many shelters in and around NYC. Buck came from BARC (Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition); we know dogs from North Shore Animal League. Buck is a good boy.

Please, please, never buy a dog from a breeder, pet store, or "puppy mill." I have nothing against breeding dogs (I have family members who do/did it), but there are thousands and thousands of unwanted dogs (many of them purebreds, many of them mutts) that desperately need a home. And if you can, get an adult dog. The puppies are adopted very quickly while adults can wait a long long time. Mr. Buck sat in his little cage for 3 months!

I hope this has helped.
The thought of little Buck in a cage for three months kills me.

I can't say that any of your answers are correct, because I really hope to lure in MR. Spitzer, and I want honest answers from him.

I can tell you that only Questions 2,4,and 5 have definite anwers, and you got two of them right.
I certainly hope you ain't saying what I think you're saying.

Or are you saying something else?
You know what I'm saying, but I'll say it another way, Michael Schenker has never been a member of any canadian rock trio.
Oh, sorry. I forgot you're the one who likes "They Might Be Giants" and saw Dave Matthews and Bare Naked Ladies at Hippiefest '05. (or as Time Out New York called it, "Mr. Boring and his Lame Assed Rock Show")

My apologies. I'd forgotton about your, ahem, taste.
That's low. I can't defend myself without offending my brother, his wife, and my girlfriend.

Fuck it, YOU know I only went to see Mr. Boring because I wanted to spend a day with them, and they like it, and so I went. It didn't hurt really.
You guys are like a married couple...


Sign us up for the Cheap Trick/Alice show...
Oh sure, Jackson doesn't want to offend his loved ones, but has he ever thought about how his words might hurt Mr. Geddy Lee?
I'll make it up to Geddy, he can come see Cheap Trick and Alice with us.
Gray's Papaya most of the time but if I find myself in the Madison Square Park neighborhood, I am really partial to the Taxi Dog at the Shake Shack.
Okay now, I did the track back, and all signs point to that really being Elliott Spitzer.
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