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Thursday, August 25, 2005


'NEW YORK (Reuters) -- Nine northeastern U.S. states are working on a plan to cap and then reduce the level of greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, the first U.S. deal of its kind and one which would see the region breaking with President George W. Bush who refused to sign the Kyoto Protocol' - CNN

California, Washington and Oregon are considering making the same move. Now that we have some momentum can we break from Bush on another matter, that of his being in office?

That's great, but I hate seeing it also as a thing for Wacky Pataki to use to get nominated for running for president. Ted, remember in Albany in '95 when Pataki was running for gov. and people were protesting on the steps of the capital because he wanted to cut student funding? I still have a couple of campaign-looking bumper stickers that say "Impeach Pataki '95".
Pataki is indeed wacky. It's in the eyes, he seems retarded or summink.
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