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Thursday, August 11, 2005


Need a drum throne? Need another? Just call Tony Alva. His warehouse outside Atlanta is filled with.....drum thrones. No variety here, just one model available, because that's how good it is. These quality 'stools' can be used for various seating and display applications. Perfect for acoustic guitarists, drummers, and ferns! Don't wait, get yours now while supply lasts.

Yes, step right up...

Purchased what I thought was one inexpensive, but adequate drum stool for my new/old studio drum set. Ordered qty 1, they sent me qty 1 box of 6. Kept one, forced one on my non-musician neighbor, and have 4 left. Big box in the foyer of my house and wife pointing it out everyday as we retire upstairs. You get the picture. Who wants one? Shoot me an e-mail with an address and it's on the way. pat.phillips@nextel.com.

Hue, I'll trade a drum stool for a XXXL Huzine T-Shirt...
You said 'stool'....
Tony Alva is having a stool boom!

Stool boom
From the parlor to the pool room
Chairs are for fools
Everybody loves stools!
Isn't that part of Rush's "Roll The Bones" rhyme interlude?
Chris, Stool Boom is totally what I was thinking of! Great reference.

I need a t-shirt that says "TONY'S STOOL EMPORIUM".
"Tony hat die besten Schemel!" - M. Schenker
Tony, I think you're thinking of...

Jack, relax
Get busy with the facts
No zodiacs or almanacs
No maniacs in polyester slacks
Just the facts
Gonna kick some gluteus max
T-shirt for a stool?
"I'm on it like blue bonnet" as they say here in the Mini-Apple.

Triple X eh? as soon as I unpack my "shirt shit" I'll whip one up for you. I may even have another tie dye shirt left over from my "kill all hippies" collection.

I'l shoot you an email.

I'm also reminded of a joke my Gay friend Sammy Bacon told me...

Q. what's a great pick up line in a Gay Bar?
A. Mind if I push in your stool?

You and one other guy in Canada are the only ones who can recite the Roll The Bones rap. Quite a dubious destinction. Only to be out done by Jackson being able to recite the lyrics to any Waysted tune. A true rarity.
I don't know ANY Waysted tunes, not one! Now Saxon, that's different....
And that one guy in Canada is... Geddy Lee!

Arguably one of the coolest Canadians ever. Much cooler than Bryan Adams and Celine Dion, even if you put them together and taught them how to play "Didacts and Narpets."
Yet you still haven't seen that Geddy Lee CBC video, god damn you.
I saw it!

F'ing great, eh?

Geddy is a true rock star who also cares about winter safety.
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