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Monday, August 22, 2005



Hue has kindly offered space at Huezine for my podcast. Thank You Hue. Now you can hear the magic at a decent bit-rate. This weeks offerings:

All Nite - Acquiesce
New York, New York - Hue and Q Mooksuki
Stoned Again - Smoke and Mirrors Band (Chris and Rob Machold, and Myself)
Stop That - KIDD
Just Another Suicide - Chris Pace
Fucked Up - WWIX
Jelous Man - Grand Ultimate
My Blog - Symetrical Twins (Chris and Jackson)

I'm going to use my podblaze account to post single songs.

I haven't listened yet, but let's put the second "m" back in Symmetrical. I think it will avoid some confusion.

Then again, if crew can be spelled crue (sorry but my oomlats key is broken), then I guess anything goes.
Great show - Me and Q getnerally go by the band name "Mooksuki" thanks for playing that song.

The show sounds great, I'm glad we got it working. Good call on getting that Transmit program.

keep up the great work.
The difference in sound quality is amazing. So much better.

Thank you Hue for providing the space and bandwith. We owe you one.
Symmetrical has two m's? Wow. How about Simetrical? The simian twist.
The KIDD song is a bad mix, my fault, Chris was not involved in that particular mess. I rushed it.
My less than stellar connection (at work) is proving to be a bit of a pain. I can get about 9 minutes into the show, then I get hung up in endless "buffering."

So far it sounds pretty darned good, though.
It sounds like all we're hearing is the vocal double on the "Stop That" chorus.

This deserves a remix, I think.
Very weird to hear "Another Suicide" on the podcast. I never thought anyone (in the real world) would hear this one.

This is a true story.

The lyrics:

He had been afraid
Bottle of Jack Daniels, everything's OK
He came home at 2am
Found her in bed with a friend

He broke the crystal and he
shot the TV
He had a pistol
And a can of gasoline
But in the end
It was just another suicide
In the end
It was just another suicide

Originally recorded on my aging VS880ex, bounced to DP for mixing.
I always liked that song (Another Suicide), it has a great 2 am vibe, it doesn't hurt that UFO has a great song with the same title.

That was my issue when I tried to remix 'Stop That', there's something missing in the chorus, I think work continued on the original project after I made a copy and worked up the guitars, maybe we need to look at both projects.
i need an RSS feed so that the podcasts end up in my iPod

can Hue help you out with that too?
You don't need an RSS feed in order to listen to a podcast on your iPod.

Save the file from the address provided to your desktop, then drag the file into your iTunes.

update your iPod and the next thing you know, you are listening to the show.

I agree that an RSS feed would make it easier, but you don't have to have it.

Interesting show, where are the other ones located? I'd like to listen to them as well.

Can you guys post your archive shows too?
I will leave those last two issues to Hue. (archive, and RSS)
Another outstanding show! "My Blog" is a classic Action Jackson composition. The Acquiesce track is simply amazing.

"I gotta enter my fuckin' e-mail to comment...?"

Most excellent.
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