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Thursday, September 23, 2004


"We are succeeding in Iraq.... Thank you, America...we know Americans have made enormous sacrifices.... We promise you your sacrifices are not in vain."- Iraqi PM Ayad Allawi

I would love nothing more than to believe that things are getteing better. It smells like a campaign ploy to me though, and reports from my servicemen friends say otherwise. What I'm hearing is that we've lost what little control we had. Again, this is heresay, I'm getting it second hand, but from a first hand source. For me, it's no longer about what happened to get us here, with the exception that the bungler should be removed from his post, but what can we do about it now. We have made a barely stable region completely unstable. The bed is made, there's no cutting and running. It seems to me that Bush can't handle the job, and we should get somebody else in to clean up his mess, somebody who listens to his advisors (Colin Powell) and who has himself been under fire (John Kerry). My advice to Kerry; do whatever you can to keep Powell in the mix, and listen to him.

The best case you've made for voting Kerry yet. Good show...
Wow. I tell you, it ain't easy making Herman Munster look good.
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