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Monday, September 13, 2004


Well Rod, doesn't seem that Dallas quite has it together. As for the Patriots/Jets comment, I can only say two words, but they are words worth repeating:
Curtis Martin, Curtis Martin, Curtis Martin, Curtis Martin, Curtis Martin, Curtis Martin.....
It looks like I was right about the Browns/Ravens as well. Anyway, it's going to be an interesting year for all those defenses that Curtis Martin will run all over. Look out for Portis and the Skins as well.

I am ok if Dallas sucks, but don't count them out yet.
The JETS looked great; the Bengal�s are going to have a good season. The JETS defense shut the run down, the true test will be next week, and they have LT in San Diego. Washington does look like they could walk away with the division, what a pass rush, ouch. Vikings looked good, and the Lions won on the road, let us see how Green Bay does tonight, or should I say Carolina.
You mean Ladamian Tomlinson. LT was a defensive back for the Giants. How dare you!
Anonymous, you are right, and I should be ashamed of my self. LT was to the outside linebacker position, what Sam Huff was to the inside Linebacker position, both defined the positions, were the greatest at them at there time and were Giants. I hade to use LT for Ladamian Tomlinson, I didn't know how to spell his name, what kind of name is Ladamian any way, or Tomlison, are they made up, or were they spelled wrong on a birth certificate.

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For some reason my comment was credited to anonymous but it was me scolding you, you are forgiven.
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