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Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Fred posted about the Mats, and he left this album out. In 1989 The Replacements began recording their follow up to 'Please To Meet Me' at Paisley Park in their hometown of Minneapolis. Those sessions were followed by more recording in upstate New York (Bearsville?) beacause the familiarity of Minneapolis offered too many distractions for the noted substance abusers. The result is the most lavishly produced effort they made, and in my opinion, one of the best. Songs like "We'll Inheirit The Earth", "Achin' To Be', 'Darlin' One" and "They're Blind" show Westerberg's steady progress as a serious songwriter, while "Talent Show", and "Anywhere's Better Than Here" harken back to the hard edged and sloppier days of "Let It Be". The tour for this album would prove to be the bands undoing, and it was my distinct pleasure (along with Tony Alva) to witness it firsthand at the former Brendan Byrne Arena (Continental Airlines Arena) opening for Keith Richards (on his birthday no less). They were a mess. Which was fine in 84 when they were playing clubs, but the mainstream wasn't ready for onstage fights and barely recognizable renditions of their songs. "Can't Hardly Wait", disputably their best song, was so bad, I didn't know what they were playing until the chorus, and then it fell apart, they gave up and played 'Happy Birthday' to Keith instead. It was funny, but I'm sure it was not pleasant to be part of the comedy on-stage. Anyway, the album is great. Check it out.

Listening to "don't tell a soul" right now, thanks for the suggestion. Rhapsody has all their albums, was listening to sorry ma, forgot to take out the trash yesterday, raw yes but I am glad I listened to it.
Been listening to a lot of old punk lately, the Ramones. I heard Paul Weller on WFUV the other day and new I should know who he was. I had heard of the Jam but never listened to them. So I was listening to the Jam yesterday.
Oh yes, the replacments...

Being a minneapolis boy, I've loved the replacements since high school.

Westerberg released a cool double CD about two years ago. He recorded it during the first year of his daughter's life. It's very raw and loose. The CD is called "Stereo" recorded on an 8 track at his home as he says, "in between diaper changes". There is a bonus CD called "mono" recorded on a 4 track under the name Grandpa Boy. There are a few songs that seem unfinished and in need of some polishing, but that's what makes it so awesome.

In a time when so many musicians are trying to make everything so perfect with digital recording and producers, Paul gets back to his childhood with an 8 track, a few mics, and some good old fashion inspiration.
Good point Hue, a little lo-fi is a breath of fresh air today.
when westerberg whispers "don't tell a soul" on we'll inherit the earth i get a chill every time.
Yes! me too!
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