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Tuesday, September 28, 2004


First off, I forgot the Philly/Detroit game. I won't count it, but I would have picked Philly. Philly looks so good it's scary. Philly- Jets Super Bowl anyone? Anyway I went 9 out of 13, coupled with last week; I'm, 19 for 29. Not bad. Okay, now, how boring is it to watch Indianapolis? Sure they're good, but the play is so unexciting after fifty-nine touchdown passes. It was nice to see our man Kerry Collins put in a good show for Oakland, and conversely, Warner seems to be keeping his end up for Big Blue. For how long, we'll see. I'm glad the Giants proved me wrong again, though when I made my picks I didn't know about Kellen Winslow's broken leg. This brings up another point, I'm doing this without the benefit of Sports Broadcasting, in that I have no Television. I was in DC this weekend with my Girlfriend, and as luck would have it, I had access to TV, but no Jets! The Washington game was Monday night, so all the games on in the DC area we're of little to no interest to me with the exception of the Oakland game (Jerry Rice is three hundred-ninety seven years old and a better reciever than most anyone). I watched some of the Green Bay/Indianapolis fiasco, but gave up, sorry Hue. I did manage to catch some of that famous DC area sunday morning 'Skins Game' show. I used to live down there, and it was this show that made me want to move back to New York. On the show, however, Coach Gibbs admitted that Parcells was a better coach. Now c'mon Joe, have you been gone that long? You can't say that kind of stuff even if it is true, it affects the team Joe! How about them Seahawks? (Seahawks/Jests Super Bowl?) Okay, so San Fran is no big win, but hey, 3-0 baby! So, all in all, things are going great here in NFL land for me, how about you?

OMG, I only got 4 wrong this time around, that brings me to 27 - 18 for the season... unfortuanately I let loyatly get in the way of logic and picked the Packers...

Q. How the hell do you throw for 360 yards, 4 TDs and Loose?
A. When Payton Manning throws for 393 and 5 TDs!!!

Not much of a defensive struggle.

Collins did great for my favorite AFC team.

Keep up the good work...
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