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Friday, September 17, 2004


This album did make my ill thought out list, but it deserves further attention. In 1980 Motorhead unleashed this monster of a record, and the world was stunned for at least a moment. Breaking out of the English hard rock scene in the late seventies, Motorhead were the band that metal heads and punks could both enjoy a few Carlsberg Special Brews to. Louder than anybody, they took no prisoners as they razed the land before them. They were the band who if they they moved next door, your lawn would die. Lemmy, upon hearing that Kieth Richards had gotten a blood transfusion, decided to do the same. He told the doctor he had been using speed every day for twenty years, the doctor looked at him and said "fresh blood will probably kill you." ZZTop on huge doses of amphetemine would be the best description of the Motorhead sound. Lemmy's full throat voice, his Rickenbacker Bass through a Marshall stack, he played the bass like a rhythm guitar. Philthy Animal Taylor's drums were like chained up Harleys gunned to the limit, and the reverb drenched licks of Fast Eddie Clark completed the union of MOTORHEAD. The 'Ace Of Spades" album is without a doubt their finest studio release. From start to finish it's amped up boogie woogie meets death clenching metal. The title track is their most well known song, but the album doesn't quit there. 'Love Me Like A Reptile', 'Shoot You In The Back', 'The Chase Is Better Than The Catch', and of course their ode to the hardest working men in show buisness; 'We Are The Raod Crew' keep this vinyl opus bashing your brain and inciting you to 'Live To Win'.

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