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Tuesday, September 21, 2004


I went 10 out of 16. Not bad. Chicago, Carolina, The Giants, Jacksonville, Dallas, and Baltimore fared better than I thought. I think that the Giants tried to lose, but Washington was having none of it. All that really matters is...JETS JETS JETS!

10 for 16 is pretty damn good handicapping my man! Watch out, some families there in NYC may press you into service if they hear about this kind of accuracy. If you could do this for the college game I'd share my purse with you. I went 11 for 25. 'Somebitch Terps gave it up in overtime to WV, and Georgia Tech can't win the easy one after pulling off an upset in a prior week. Of course Army let me down too.

Don't know if you read the write up, but Army came back from a first half deficit of 7-21 to tie the game with less than three minutes to play. Houston manged to throw all over them and cover in the end. Another progress laced game think cup half full. They need to pull off a win and get the losing streak monkey off their back.
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