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Tuesday, September 21, 2004


November 25th will be the 25th annivesiary of the release of Pink Floyd's opus, The Wall. The Symetrical Twins over at smoke and mirrors have been working on a tribute CD to celebrate the occasion. We have recorded new versions of all the songs on the record, as well as the two that are only in the movie. There are some preliminary mixes on the Smoke And Mirrors web site. We are currently working to finish this project by the anniversiary date. There are many guest appearances such as Tony Alva's vocal on 'Young Lust'. All the members of Microdot appear on the record, and to that end a big thanks goes out to Rob Machold, without who's drums we could not have been able to do the record justice. When the record is done we will post it on our site, as well as have a record release party. I will blog that info when it is finalized. We are hoping to have our own record, Brain Shivers, ready for release by then as well.

Both records were finished on time. There was no party.
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