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Thursday, September 09, 2004


I have never been a gambling man, mostly because I tend to lose when I do, but for fun I've decided to do my own divisional forcast.

This division holds little interest for me, but since most folks would pick the Ravens, I'm going with the Browns. Kellen Winslow should help the effeminate but talented Garcia put up some numbers. Besides the Browns are a football team, the Ravens wear purple.

Ah, the Jets. JETS JETS JETS! I predict the Jets take all division games. It won't be easy taking down the Patriots, but they will. The only thing I can say about the Dolphins is that in the very distant past they were a great team despite the pastels. By the way, when are we going to give Buffalo to the Canadians anyway?

Though I like Jacksonville, I'm picking the Colts to take this extremely boring division.

It's a tough call, Kansas City looks good, but they always look better than they do. Oakland could give them a fight, but I'm gonna piss off Tony Alva and pick K.C.

No brainer. Green Bay. Right Hue? Favre can't stick around forever. He'll pull an Elway and go out on top.

One thing is for sure, it won't be the Giants. Both Philly and Washington could do it. Philly because they already dominate the division, and Washington because "no bullshit" Joe Gibbs is back, if they had Riggins they could do it, but they don't so I'm picking Philly. (ewwwww)

This division just can't catch a break. Yeah Vick is back, but Atlanta is a doomed team like New Orleans (whom I like, black and gold, go Army!). I like Carolina, DelHomme looked good when I saw him against the Jets last year. The Jets won that game by the way.

The year of the Seahawk. It's gotta happen.

So there you go, tear me apart.

I like you�re picks. Your AFC picks look good, but you forgot about Dallas, they had the best defense last year and their offence got better, I hate Dallas, but they are going to win the NFC East. I think the Lions might give Green Bay some trouble this year. Carolina and Seattle look good.
The Jets over the Patriots? Bah ha ha..

Can I interest you in a bridge in Brooklyn, or maybe some swampland in Florida?
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