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Monday, September 13, 2004


I spent saturday night hanging out with Tony Alva's parents and another couple of their generation. We had a fantastic time. A few months back I spent a few days at the beach with my folks, and again a terrific time was had. My brother and Gotham Gal take their kids to see concerts with them. All around I'm seeing evidence that inclusion breeds respect which in turn improves relations between generations. Twenty years ago I would have laughed at the notion of going to a concert with my folks, but yet that too happened this summer. In my youth it seemed natural to hold one's parents in contempt, nobody I knew really got on with their folks (with the exception of Tony Alva, who's parents have always been cool in my book), but now it seems more and more kids are hanging out with their parents. It must be because our generation, post boomer/pre x-er, is just so damn cool we bring people together.

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