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Wednesday, September 01, 2004



BOSTON, Massachusetts (Reuters) -- "Police Wednesday arrested a man in connection with last week's pipe bomb explosion at a Boston-area laboratory specializing in stem-cell research. The man had already been charged last year with trying to blow up the same building."

In the movie 'Hannah And Her Sisters' Max Von Sydow has one of the greatest lines ever:
"If Jesus came back today and saw what goes on in his name, he'd never stop throwing up."

The religios right is just as fanatical and dangerous as any jihad oriented muslim terror organization. Laura Bush, in defense of G.W.'s limit on stem cell research, said that it was unfair to give people 'false hope' that a cure for alzheimer's was 'around the corner'. That is simply the stupidest thing I've heard. We'll never turn the corner with this dark age mentality. I'm sure the families of the people who suffer from alzheimer's would like it if we at least give it our best shot. How can we if we tie the hands of our scientific community? This is all very remenicent of the Spanish Inquisition and what the Catholic Church did to Galileo. Personally, I like Jesus. I'm down with the J man, but his message has been twisted by power hungry jerk-offs, and even the facts of his life have been changed to accomodate their attempts to control the populace. Modern christianity has very little to do with Jesus, and nothing to do with fact.
"Seperation of chuch and state? Which church and what state?" -- Gil Scott Heron

Couldn't be more true a statement. I just saw a blurb on the NBC national news last night featuring a couple of healthcare workers, a nurse and a pharmacist, who refused to administer/prescribe birth control medications on their own religious grounds. How absolutely repugnant. I can't believe that this is not a violation of some medical ethics code, or legal statute. This opens up such a can of worms to even consider placation of these zealots religious bent is a sure sign that common sense is waning in this world.

I rely on our three-branch system of government to ground this issue. If it doesn't, we're all in big trouble. What next? Eric Rudolph found innocent by a jury of his "Peers"...
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