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Tuesday, September 28, 2004


"The tragedy here is that Fred can afford to send his kids to good private schools yet thinks vouchers are kryptonite. Fred, along with 25% or so of the teachers in the NYC public school system who send their kids to private schools, should be ashamed."--Hector

It's a tragedy that Fred can afford to send his kids to The Little Red Schoolhouse? What would you do Hector? I bet you don't even have kids, because if you did you'd want the best for them. Fred has worked hard to be able to do it, and you think he should be ashamed? What kind of asshole are you Hector? What makes America great is the possibility of making a better future for your family, and you are going to begrudge Fred that? I'm sick of all the Fred bashing on his comments. What is wrong folks? Jelous? I'll say one thing, Fred has done more to positively affect the economy than any of you. Through his funding of new companies, Fred creates jobs. How about you Hector, what do you do that makes you so wonderful that you can sit in judgement? Fuck off Hector.

Yea, way to stand up for Fred. Hector is wrong about Fred, he should not be ashamed of him self, he should be proud of him self. I don't understand what Hector was reading; Fred says "Our public school system has served our country incredibly well for a very long time. It's not time to scrap it. It's time to improve it and invest in it for the next century."
I won't send Julia to a private school because I am already paying for the public school. I am OK with that; I think she can get a quality education at our public school. Fred did.
Tony Alva's comment, actually a quote from his brother Chris, was spot on. We sent folks to the moon on public education.
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