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Friday, September 17, 2004


Kansas City beats Carolina.
Denver beats Jacksonville
Indianapolis beats Tennesee (tough call)
New Orleans beats San Fran
Washington beats Giants
Oakland beats Buffalo
New England beats Arizona
Cincinnati beats Miami
Green Bay beats Chicago
Detroit beats Houston
Pittsburg beats Baltimore
Atlanta beats St. Louis
Seattle beats Tampa
Cleveland beats Dallas
Jets beat San Diego
Philly beats Minnesota

I have no system. I give no pionts. I just love the game, and this is what I think. I am prejudiced against teams that belong in another city (Colts, Rams), or who wear non-football colors (Miami, anybody wearing purple), or have silly helmets (Tennesee, New England), and Buffalo. (Red and Blue are fine football colors, and the buffalo on the helmet does not offend, they're just so, I don't know, Canadian?) Carolina and Jacksonville are suspect because I still can't tell them apart. I know one of them has a pastel in their color scheme, and that's a big faux pas. Houston I may one day like, I liked the old Houston, but won't truck with that team in Tennesee. I am glad they changed the name, though, the Tennesee Oilers would have driven me mad. San Diego is on the cusp. They suffer from being from one of our nations most boring cities, but they did have a heyday with Fouts, Dickerson, and the great Bobby Ross. I have never, and will never, like any team from New England. Their old helmets were much cooler though. Dallas? I think the "Tuna' has lost it. Vinny and Keyshawn again? I don't think so.

New England beats Arizona, wow, going out on a limb here. Good picks, you are underestimating the Vikings, and I don't think Atlanta or the Rams have proved themselves yet, but the Rams own Atlanta, I give it to the Rams. Maybe the Redskin’s bus gets lost and they can’t make it to giant stadium on time, and they have to field the cheerleaders, and the giant sneak out a win against the redskins cheerleaders, could happen, right.
Matbe they should have feilded the cheerleaders.
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