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Friday, September 24, 2004


"I don't view these people as conservatives," Kerry said. "I actually view them as extreme, and I think their policies have been extreme, and that extends all the way to Iraq, where this president, in my judgment, diverted the real war on terror -- which was Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda -- and almost obsessively moved to deal with Iraq in a way that weakened our nation, overextended our armed forces, cost us $200 billion and created a breach in our oldest alliances."--CNN

He's talking, who's listening?

Kerry told The Columbus Dispatch that he has to present himself "clearly, forcefully to the American people with a clear set of priorities."--CNN

That would be nice.

Kerry also mentioned a blurring line between the separation of church and state and the growth of federal budget deficits.--CNN

True, true....

Kerry would build a better military and intelligence apparatus to go after enemies, deny terrorists weapons and financing, move against worldwide terrorist havens and recruitment centers, and promote freedom and democracy in Muslim nations.--CNN

John, have you been reading my blog again?

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