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Tuesday, September 14, 2004



Anti-depressents linked to suicide risk? I cannot imagine any doctor in good conscience putting a child on an addictive substance like anti-depressants. How can you tell a kid not to smoke pot, but they have to take this pill every day for the rest of their lives, and then be surprised when the child entertains the notion of doing oneself in? Give them hope, not dope.

I think the real problem is the OVER use of these drugs. There are kids out there who suffer from extreme depression and in these cases some of these drugs might me useful. Doctors seem to prescribe these drugs at the drop of a hat.

I'd like to see more studies done BEFORE we start handing out scripts to children hand over fist.

One other thought is, these drugs make people more apt to talk about their problems, and with that patients may voice suicidal thoughts that may have just been buried without the medication.

The movie "brain candy" isn't that far off the mark...

keep up the good work.
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