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Wednesday, September 29, 2004


"fIREHOSE started the spring after d. boon got killed when ed fROMOHIO (actually charles edward crawford) found watt's number in the phone book, called him and then headed out to pedro from columbus, ohio. george hurley did drums. over the course of seven and half years we made six records and did many, many gigs in the u.s. and europe. I am forever grateful to edward for getting me back in the saddle and wrestling bass again. I got the name fIREHOSE from watching a film short of bob dylan doing "subterranean homesick blues" using cue cards for the lyrics. I thought that it was funny when he held up the card that said 'firehose'."---Mike Watt (from http://www.hootpage.com/hoot_gallery-fhose.html)

Tony Alva and I have had the pleasure of knowing a truly great man, Brain Spears. Brian is no longer with us, but before he departed, he left me with fIREHOSE. My favorite fIREHOSE record is the 'Live Totem Pole EP'. Featuring covers and a few fIREHOSE songs, this album packs in the wallop, and never let's you down. Ed From Ohio's frenetic strat couples with Watt's monster bass, while George Hurley's drums keep the machine moving. Being a big Blue Oyster Cult fan, it was no shocker that I would take to this record that features the all time greatest version of "The Red And The Black". I mean no disrespect to Eric(Bloom) and Buck (Dharma), but this version is what you guys were after. Public Enemy's "Sophisticated Bitch" and SuperChunk's "Slack Motherfucker" round out my favorites on the cover side of things while 'What Get's Heard" and "Makin' The Freeway" showcase Watt's own songwriting greatness. This trio rocks, and the sound reproduction puts you right in the club with them. I cannot recomend this album enough.

UPDATE: This record is apparently out of print. Please call Columbia records and give them shit about it.

I have to get that EP, I really like "Ragin Full On" one of my favorites. It's funny when I bring up fIREHOSE to people there's always one clueless mutha fucker who thinks I'm talking about Fire House (shit hair band).

As power trios go, fIREHOSE is one of my favorites. And
OMG Mike Watt's work on his "thunder broom" is infectious.

great blog once again, if I owned a music magazine, you would be my top writer.

In your honor I'm listening to "slack mutha fucker" as I write this...

rock on
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