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Thursday, September 23, 2004


I just read this comment from 'Kenny' on Jeff Jarvis' blog.

"If you want to the world to like us,
if you want the terrorist to attack us,
if you want our troops to cower of the field like some helpless dog,
then vote for kerry,
However if you want the world's respect then vote for Bush"

This is what scares me. Some people, alot of people, actually believe this crap. First; American troops will never cower, anywhere. Our Armed Forces are the smartest and best trained in the world, they are professionals, and the do NOT COWER! What an asshole you are to imply that a change in executive will bring down the military, have you ever heard of the Joint Cheifs Of Staff. They will still be the same guys despite who wins the election, imbecile. Second; We have already been attacked. Where have you been? Do you honestly think the terrorists give a crap who's in the White House? What a giant waste of flesh you are, and what a disapoinment you must have been to your parents to be born without a brain, you silly twit. Do you think Bush commands respect from the world? Have you ever been outside the country? Do you even know that there are other countries? Our current President has the LOWEST international rating of ANY President EVER. But you wouldn't know that would you 'Kenny'. God, even your name is stupid, you weasly pathetic excuse for a human. Oh yeah, and what's wrong with being liked?

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