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Tuesday, September 28, 2004


"What i don't like hearing is all the 'we can't' or 'it won't' stuff. A guy named Joe Satlin (Stalin) brought his country from a post feudal agrarian society to an industrialized nation in five years, why can't we get this thing (alternative energy) into overdrive. Our current Presidential candidates aren't talking much about it, but Al Gore did four years ago, again, nobody was listening."--Me

"Finally! Jackson unveils his true idol - Joseph Stalin! Well, even if he did murder 20 million Ukrainians, create the iron curtain, the cold war, create the gulags for political prisoners, and generally stain the 20th century as one of history's blodiest and saddest, that's OK since he engineered an ultimately disastrous command economy that did absolutely zero to reduce our dependency on fossil-based fuels. Well done, Jackson. Be sure to commend Chairman Mao in your next post for his contributions in education policy."--Hector

Does Hector think that I don't know what a mass murdering fuck-head Stalin was? No, he's looking for an argument. There's alot of 'Hectors' out there in the blog world. Commenters without balls. Where's your post Hector? You don't have one. Is that because you've never had an original idea? Or are you simply a voice of conservative angst with nothing to offer except dorragatory comments on the blogs of people who are trying to engage in MEANINGFUL debate? As for the fundamentals of his comment; it takes two to start a war, cold or hot. The imprisonment of political dissanents did not originate with Stalin. Why would the Soviet economy help reduce OUR dependancy on fossil-based fuels? All you got right is the murder bit Hector. That tells alot. It shows us where your mind is. Your hate based diatribes are going to give you an ulcer my man. Take it easy, take a pill, take a nap, and take your hate somewhere else.

My dear Jackson, are you saying communism is a good thing?
I thought I saw Jackson handing out fliers with Lee Harvey Oswald at Trader Vic's. His hair was perfect.
Eric, no. Tony, I hope my hair was better than Lee Harvey's.
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