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Wednesday, September 22, 2004


In response to a comment made on FRED's blog, this is what I would do if I woke up and was Commander In Cheif:
1) Remove ALL civilain personell from the region. Why are we supplying these animals with fresh meat?
2) Not only request, but demand, coerce, and extort help from our 'allies'. This is every free nation's battle.
3) Follow the money trail. These people get their weapons somehow. We need to sever their access to cash, and weapons. We could start by not selling/giving them any more of ours.
4) Invest in alternative energy, heavily.


5) Legalize marijuana, tax it, take that money along with the windfall from budget cuts in the war on drugs, and spend that on securing our borders.

Well done Jackson... Appreciate hearing your thoughts. I wonder if there is anyway to train Iraqis over here vs. exporting the expertise positions that some of these American civilians are doing because there are no indigenous alternative available. Can't do this with their entire army, but for training engineers and other construction personnel it should be Iraqis being put to work. From all accounts, there is no shortage of able-bodied workers, just a lack of expertise.

Our allies need to be prepared to pony up and pony up soon. The atrocities that occurred in Russia are only the beginning. Glad to hear you agree that this is every free nations battle. They don't have to get behind an Iraq invasion, just get behind killing as many terrorists that we can for the sake of us all.

Preparing our country for a worse case scenario that includes complete embargo of terror state imports is an idea that I like. I'd rather pay $5.00 for a gallon of gas than give aid to the enemy.

Now if only the tech sector can recover for me I'll go check out some alt energy stocks...
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