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Wednesday, September 15, 2004


This is the headline I'd like to see. One game in and I want this guy's head. I think we can all look foreward to a losing season, mutiny, and headlines of team animosity. Tom's resume is impressive, and given his history with the team he must have seemed a natural choice. The fact that he's an asshole didn't come into question I guess. The Giants need discipline, no argument there. Fassel coddled them, and now Tom comes in swinging. Well, since they don't have a quarterback anyway the point is moot. They will suck this year, and probably longer.

I think you are being a little harsh here. Strahan changes his atitude all the time, if they start to win, there will be love.
I am, he does, but I doubt they will. Winning is a great ointment, too bad you can't buy it, though many have tried.
They will win, it might not be next week, and the Redskins do look good. Then they play the Browns and Green Bay, both teams played very well last week. I can guarantee that they will not loose a game the week of Oct. 16th, but they might not win a game until the play the Bears, Nov 7th, but I do think once they start winning, they will keep winning, and even beat Philly the next time they play. Wishful thinking from a Giant fan.
I'm glad somebody is optimistic, and I'm sorry I've become a turncoat and given all my optimism to the Jets. I qualify for fair-weather fandom.
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