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Friday, September 17, 2004


NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Conservative Christian groups are urging a boycott of two of consumer product maker Procter & Gamble's key products, charging the company is aligning itself with gay rights groups, according to a published report.

God doesn't want you to use these products. He would rather you use good christian products like assault rifles. Apparently P&G (who's stock I'd now like to purchase thank you) opposed an anti-gay statute proposed in it's home town of Cincinnati. I guess it's very important to God to keep homosexuals from re-defining marriage in Cincinnati. Yeah, I suppose that whtever Cincinnati does, the nation will follow. Very crucial and influential town that Cincinnati. When will these fanatics realize that they can't stop the tide of progress. I thought every man and woman was equal under God's eye. If homosexuality exists, doesn't it follow in their narrow christian creationist doctrine that God created it? I say they can take their Bible and their God and shove them right up their tight white asses. I will now switch back to Crest from Colgate, I always have used Tide.

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