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Thursday, July 29, 2004


Tony Alva is right, I did want to pick a fight, but not with him.  I posted rashly, and I apologise to everyone for my poor choice.  Tony Alva is right about America, we are a great nation, founded upon unprecidented moral standards.  It is these social standards by which we judge ourselves and the world around us.  Recently, many of us have come to fear that those ideals set forth in such clarity in the documents we hold dear, The Declaration Of Independance, and The United States Consitution, have been in danger of being trod upon by a dwarf.  It is indeed not enjoyable to be a part of the comedy upon this particular stage.  Spinal Tap references aside, these are truly scary times.  The US is dangerously close to being ALL alone.  I don't think Mr. Blair is going to stay afloat too much longer, and when we lose merry olde England.....how many troops did Pulau send?
Tony is also a wonderful father, and so that makes him a great american in my book.

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