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Friday, July 23, 2004


I can think of 12.5 million reasons why Halle Berry should'nt worry about the critics. So Hollywood drops a 90 million dollar turd, it's not Halle's fault. Every summer we see the studios release a movie that somehow got made without a script. I figure at least 45 quality independent movies could have been made with that 90 million.

The film industry is in an abomidable state. Even worse that the music industry. It has been a long dry spell with only small oasis here and there of relief from the crap that Hollywood is making these days. I have this killer home theater that I invested in when my wife got pregnant knowing that we would not be able to go out and see a movie for a long time. I figured we'd just wait out DVD releases and we'd be semi- current. We've watched nothing but back catalog for the past two years with the exception of a few gems from the new release isle (Cold Mtn. most recently). When will it ever end. When will these studios ever get their collective heads out of their asses and realize that the movie going demographic has a huge contingency of adults waiting for something that isn't associated with some bullshit video game. Good blog topic...
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