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Monday, July 19, 2004


First off, I can't directly comment upon Mr. Cosby's recent comments about African American youth, but I feel compelled to remind him that no matter how right he might be, maybe, just maybe, Mushmouth and the some of the other members of Fat Albert's gang had some undue influence on what might be construed as urban ethnic dialect. Something to think about Bill. You can collect all the degrees and college sweaters you like, but you can't escape your own complicity in this matter. What a boring world this would be if every ounce of culture got homogenized. Educate, certainly, but don't forget to celebrate diversity.

I think if you read what Mr. Cosby had to say I'd have a hard time believing that you would disagree with anything he stated in the least bit. What hits home more than anything are his thoughts on how he believes the black community is losing the battle with language. I can't quote his exact words, but they were something to the effect of, "...would you want to go and be seen/treated by a doctor who talked like P. Diddy? Black people will have to learn to speak the language if they want to succeed".

I live in a part of the country where accents are in as much variety as there are onions in the fields of Georgia, but that is not the same as being able to communicate to the extent that you are understood. Ghetto or street vernacular is one thing and it�s cool when used informally or in the familiar, but I�m with the Cos on this one. I want my doctors, lawyers, and politicians to sound like they have a command of the king�s English. Rappers, poets, artists, entertainers, they�re on their own.

There are changing minds in the black community with regard to personal accountability and the growing legions of progressive and upwardly mobile blacks is proving what Bill C. is saying. Worry about yourself, get an education, work hard and success will be yours. While I�m familiar with Cos�s penchant to collect degrees as part of his speaking fee (my dad remembers his agent requesting one from West Point for addressing the corp prior to Army/Navy), this does not negate his opinion on this subject. Sorry man, but you can�t blame Mushmouth, Rudy, et al�

Remember how cool Rudy was with his electric guitar while all the other guys were playing bedsprings, and radiators, etc...

I live in a part of the country where
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