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Monday, July 19, 2004


The last place one might expect to find a meaningful dialog about the current political situation in America would be OZZFEST, but apparently there's room at the Metal fest for both sides to have their say. As Sabbath takes the stage and they launch into "WAR PIGS" the video screen compares our (illegally elected) President to Adolph Hitler. But, during Black Label Society's set, Guitarist/singer Zack Wylde (who's also in Ozzy's solo band) incites the crowd to support the war in Iraq. Can the Metal community, famous for it's over indulgence in drugs, sex, and satan, be the shining example as to how to have differing views without personal animosity? Granted much of the debate may be lost on the likes of the Beavises and Buttheads in attendance, but if you can get one mullet to vote his conscience, instead of ....well whatever said mullet might have been voting, we're that much better off.

Offer up your theory that supports your contention that President Bush was "illegally" elected. Please enlighten us as to how the system broke down during the recount other than the fact that blue hairs in FL can't work the lever correctly. Remember, by stating that the results were in fact illegal means that someone broke the law. Who was it, and how did they do it. Let's hear it Oliver Stone...
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