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Thursday, July 22, 2004


"Tensions between Israelis and Palestinians have recently centered around a controversial barrier that Israel is building in and around the West Bank. The U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved a Palestinian-backed resolution calling on Israel to dismantle the barrier. Israel says the barrier is needed to prevent terrorist attacks on Israelis. Palestinians charge that it is a land grab."

I once lived in a nice house, in a great location, and I was very happy. Events in my life forced me to leave. I don't think that I have the right, no matter who backs me, to move back in. Somebeody else lives there now.

Mistakes were made a half century ago. Nobody cared what the inhabitants of Palastine thought of their land being given away, and we have seen a half century of violence. Wasn't it the Germans who hosted the holocaust? So why didn't the U/N give away Bavaira, or Swabia? Less travel time, more arable land, seems a no brainer. So then why Palestine?


Hell, Jesus, who I've been told is my savior, was born there, but do I want to live there? Hell no, it's a fucking desert. Jews have been mercilessly persecuted for at least the past two thousand years, and in 1945-50 it seemed time to do something for them. Certainly, by all means, but look at this mess we've made.

When two children argue over a toy, you take the toy away, right?
Two choices:
Level Jerusalem once and for all.
Make it a theme park.

Very pragmatic opinion... I don't really get the whole homeland concept either, but it is inescapable to so many cultures and religions. Sad situations are born out of it, but I'm not Jewish, Palistinian, Kosovoian, etc... Trying to learn more about it though.
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