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Friday, July 23, 2004


George's TV ads are a masterpiece of spin. He accuses Kerry of not voting to support our troops, but what the ad fails to state is that the bill in question provided no information as to how the money would be spent. Kerry voted for accountability, not against our troops as the ad infers. George also accuses Kerry of voting against protecting pregnant women via the Laci Peterson Bill. Again what is not clear is that the Laci peterson Bill would in effect set a precedent that an unborn fetus is a second victim, and therefor a person, and by proxy make the argument that abortion is murder, and make it easier to take choice away from women.
I'm Ted Wilson, and I read between the lines.

Now all you have to do is recognize that both parties campaign ads are full of shit and you'll be well on the road to recovery from the false reality that they are all full of shit to some degree or the other.
You might want to know that many states already have provisions for feticide, or a bookable murder charge for killing a pregnant women and her unborn in the third trimester. I'm not certain, but I beleive GA has this in place for certain curcumstances. As long as it doesn't have scope creep into the abortion debate by getting down to ticky tacks re: defining when life begins and putting a womens right to choose in play, I'm for a law that tacks on additional charges for killing an unborn in the act of commiting a violent crime. Don't care if they call it murder or something else. I'll check with ole Col. (ret.) Terry Schell who, BTW, was elected juvi judge in Fayette Co. Georgia. Very solid citizen and right man for the job. He better be, he my lawyer.
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