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Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Chirac and Sharon
Sitting in a tree
First comes hate
Then comes war
What the hell are we fighting for?

C'mon guys, this pissing match is unbecoming of your respective positions. We all want the same thing, right? Peace in our time, right? Of course Sharon wants to get all the Jewish folk he can get to move to Isreal. Safety in numbers. It makes it easier to continue the squeeze-play on the Palestinians. And Chirac? Well he's got a problem, largest Muslim population in western Europe, and largest Jewish poulation in western Europe. That's like having the Yankees and the Braves share a stadium.
Eliminate the hate.

Chirac is in a very unenviable position indeed. I actually like France's secular approach to this problem. I believe that it is more protective of the church state separation than the U.S. constitutional verbiage. They are really feeling the pressure to allow more Islamic cultural creep into areas which I consider no no's (schools, gov't jobs, courts, etc...). As the Islamic population grows and they become naturalized, it will tough to constitutional resist this once voting power is achieved. A microcosm of what could be in store at home if the Christian right were to feel the same resurgence?
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