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Wednesday, July 21, 2004


When I was coming of age back in the late seventies VW Beetles were the coolest thing on wheels. Not only were they hip image-wise, but if they broke down on you, you could get them running without too much trouble, and make it to wherever you were headed. (This does not apply to the VW Campervan, ask my dad.) But when VW brought the new Beetle out, it was a different type of car. The new Beetle is a performance car like all new VW's. A hassle to fix, you need to take it into the shop, lose time and money. Well that's how I feel about Mac OS X. In 9.2 if you had a problem, there were ways to get into the system and toss out the problem, and get to where you needed to go. Yes, OSX is better stronger, faster, and all the Linux geeks love it, but I'm not a tech nerd. I just want to make some music. I have made the leap, though, and I'll see where this new system takes me, but man do I miss my Beetle.

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