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Thursday, July 22, 2004


In this age of carb counting sausage is king. Mandler's (The Original Sausage Co.), located on 17th between B'way and 5th, is the perfect cure for the Atkins blues. It's great for anybody though, offering carb infested sides like their awesome corn fritters, but you can get the sausage (theirs are 9 and 1/2 inches) without the bun complete with saurkraut or sauteed onions.
A few blocks north, in Madison Square Park, is The Shake Shack. A bit of a hassle during the week at lunchtime, but well worth the trip. I went there with my brother yesterday. We had to wait on two lines; one to order, one for pick up. But the hot dogs were great. We both had one New York style (called the Taxi Driver, comes with saurkraut and onion) and a Chicago style (sliced pickle, hot peppers, raw onion) and fresh lemonade (the tartest I've ever experienced). Their shakes are suposed to be fabulous, but I saved that treat for another time.
C'mon New York, get your weiners workin'!

We are so going to this place my next visit. I need a subtitute for all the awesome NY chow that I can't have since I've joined the Atkin's Army. Look forward to it!!!
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