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Wednesday, July 21, 2004


WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- "Alarmed by reports that marijuana is becoming more potent than ever and that children are trying it at younger and younger ages, U.S. officials are changing their drug policies. Pot is no longer the gentle weed of the 1960s and may pose a greater threat than cocaine or even heroin because so many more people use it. So officials at the National Institutes of Health and at the White House are hoping to shift some of the focus in research and enforcement from "hard" drugs such as cocaine and heroin to marijuana."

I'd be really upset about this, except that this ganj I just smoked is so good. Too bad a criminal made a huge profit off the sale (no tax) instead of a legitimate businessman. Good thing I got his cell number though, I'm going to run out soon and put more money into the pockets of criminals. It's also a good thing that we have our government looking out for our kids, God knows we can't be expected to be involved in the lives of our children. Who needs parenting when we got good old Uncle Sam? Oh yeah, and TV.

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