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Monday, July 26, 2004


In order to present a fair depiction of events, fictional or real, a rebuttal to my post about Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski has been presented to me by the esteemed Tony Alva.


I read it, and though the LaRouche affiliation is enough to cause me to pause, it sounds like a bunch of he said she said crap to me. It's a stop gap measure, standard method of discredidt and deny.

"Nobody can prove anything, of course, but the usual names were mentioned...." Mr. Deltiod

Mr. Deltoid LOL "...mmm yes, up to a bit of nastiness last night were we little Alex? Mmmm yes indeed..."

The only thing that gives the NR article a little heavier weight is the fact that the charges that LTC Kwiatkowski makes are of such a high degree of detail and salaciousness that if they were as credible as she claims, there would be a massive amount her all over the mdeia. When researching her, I had to go to like the tenth page of Google returns before I got past the far left pages and NPR crap and found something intelligent. From the NR article, it sounds like quite a few agencies had a hard time verifying her facts and sourcing so they left her alone. I did watch her interviewed on some PBS site. She is as intelligent sounding in person as in print.

What are your thoughts on the 9/11 committee findings? I may buy a copy this week and see if I can get through the whole thing.
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