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Wednesday, July 14, 2004


I'm afraid that I was over zelous in my appreciative comment about Sen. John McCain earlier today (Our System Works, Sometimes). I was commenting on how this particular republican has a clear view of what is constitutional, and what ammendments are really for, not on his foriegn policy. All republicans are warmongering hawks with a bloodlust that seems endless. That being said, I agree that all terrorists should be wiped out, it's that old Iraq=terrorism problem again. It seems clear that the real threat is somewhere on the Afghani/Pakistani border. I guess there's just no money in hunting down terrorists. Meanwhile......

I was listening to some guy on the radio (I joined late in the discussion so I can't remember his name), but he claimed to be some former CIA op and was making a case for Osama being dead. He claimed that Abu Musab Zarqawi is now running the show and the terrorist network is simply cutting and pasting Osama's lovely voice on the tapes we hear (or haven't heard in quite a while). I thought he was just another crack pot wannabe, but he really made some compelling arguments for Osama beening dead. On the surface, it seems not to really matter, but Osama being dead could be a very positive thing especially as it relates to Al Queda's access to his financial empire. Haven't really seen, or heard from him in a long time, at least nothing that couldn't have easily been some prerecorded media. He's such an egomaniac that it's hard to imagine that all of a sudden he's gone that far underground.

It would also mean that Queda's number one guy is not up in the Afgan mountians where he can run free, but most probably somewhere in Fallujah stirring up shit. The Iraqi's are finally getting tired of these foriegn medallers with their own agenda killing their innocent civilians with their cowardly car bombs. Could mean we could be close catching him?
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