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Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Gil Scott Heron once said: "Seperation of church and state, but which church and which state?" I think I finally understand what he meant. When we talk about the religious right, we're talking about a coalition of non-catholic christian organizations. They do not represent all the religions practiced in America, yet they weild incredible power. Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Shinto, Catholicism are all practised in America, but are they represented by these puritanical nazis? Nope. Although I have many gripes with the Catholic Church (another blog at another time) their influence in Washington is not among them. Nowhere in America is the Catholic Church stronger than in Massachusetts, but which state is leading the country in same sex marriages; Massachusetts. It is ironic that Massachusetts should be the front line of this battle, becuase it is there that the Puritans settled and bred the intolerance into our nation. One thing I know for sure; nothing, not alchohol, disease, famine, or motor vehicles has killed more people than religion. God - Our Number One Killer.

Amen, brother...
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