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Wednesday, July 14, 2004


MARQUETTE, Michigan (CNN) -- President Bush criticized Democrats on Tuesday over a fund-raiser last week where celebrities used off-color language and called him a "thug" and a "liar."

Seems somebody can't take the heat. What's the matter George? Can't get any celebs to attend your fundraisers? Maybe it's because you're a thug and a liar.

Dude, what are you going to do if, despite everyone�s best efforts, G.W. is re-elected? Let me guess... exclaim to the world that your leaving the country like asshole B. Streisand, or Alec Baldwin? You really need to prepare for the fact that no matter what happens, very little will change on account of the election. I recall a line from the "Band of Brothers" episode in which Capt. Spears is attempting to coax a young and very scared private to poke his head out of his foxhole and fire his weapon at the enemy. He said to the soldier, "...What you need to realize Pvt. Blythe is that your already dead, and the sooner you realize this, you will find whatever it takes to get up and do your job". Meaning, you can sit in that hole, be afraid and still die, or you can get past it and do your job and help the cause.

How this applies to all these Bush hating blogs is that your credibility is lost on these topics because you can't seem to stay in check while the BS political bullets are zinging by your head. Why get so wrapped up and emotionally invested when so little will actually change. I'm not being apathetic, only realistic. Once you realize this, your dialog will be more meaningful and impactful for those of us who may have a different view of things. You respond with more anger and emotional laced rhetoric that the Village Voice at a Billy Graham rally for heterosexuality and you end up becoming exactly what you accuse them of. Not at all saying your opinion doesn't matter, but you are a smart guy and have studied history. I am absolutely interested in hearing your thoughts otherwise I wouldn't read it, but I would rather hear some of that perspective that supports your positions vs. the same tired old rabid "Republicans are all evil to the core" crap. CNN actually posted some story about a poll that was critical of the ties Bush wears. WHO F'ING CARES!!! CNN, you�re supposed to be a respectable news agency? Just feeding the polarized minds of the mindless. Don't buy into it and stick to the core of these matters. It�s no different than your rant on the Post last week. Practice what you preach my man.

With all the love and respect,

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