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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

WHAT IF......

What if George get's re-elected? That's one of the questions posed by Tony Alva. Well I ceratinly won't leave the country. It's my country too, and believe it or not, I'm willing to fight for it. That's what I'm doing here. "Why get so wrapped up and emotionally invested when so little will actually change." (you forgot your punctuation Tony). Because, and you should know this, you lose your right to complain if you sit out on the process. Well here I am participating. This is my right as an American. I use the language that suits me. I call 'em as I see 'em, and I call 'em alot of names in the process. I will leave the more credible commentary to the journalists. ( I'm aware of the oxymoron) That's not what I do. I rant. And I will continue to rant until the last vote is counted, and if my side loses, and I don't think that's the case, I will just have to raise my voice. I feel that the current administration doesn't represent me. I choose to support one that I feel will represent me better. Now, I'm not stupid, as you have said, and I know that very little will change, but you gotta be in it to win it, right? As long as we have democracy, we have hope, and we can TRY to change things. I will call these jerks on every little jerky thing they do. And if Kerry turns out to be a jerk, I'll see to it that the shoe fits. But he's gotta be less of a jerk than G.W. As for Tony's Band of Brothers quote, it's a good one and I agree with it's setiment. But who's cause are you talking about Tony? Yours? Bush's? Sorry, I got my own. It's called freedom. Someday we might have it.

That's more like... You certainly have a right to rant. I simply enjoy the more meaningful discussion. I can read anti-Bush rants anytime I want, just got to turn on the computer or pick up a paper. I don't mind the opposing positions, let's just hear the more compelling thought vs. more din. Glad to hear you're in it to win it. Glad to hear that you won't be throwing your medals earned fighting a thousand psychic wars over the fence (sorry I couldn't resist). My hope is that while you rage against the machine you will recognize that you are at the same time bathing in the democracy you feel you are being denied. Democracy has a way of changing colors and shapes depending on what side of a position you sit on.

If you can believe this, I recall the senior quote in a yearbook of some geek in your brother Rod's class which I can't quite remember to whom it was attributed, but it stated, "Never in the history of man has the majority ruled, nor will it ever rule". I remember this quote because what it means to me is that if Bush gets re-elected then the majority of the country has spoken (please don't rant about the electoral college thing, I don't like it either). As much as you and I might be upset by the outcome, it is nonetheless the process of our democracy and despite it's faults, works better than everything else. Call me what you may, asshole, eternal optimist, or god forbid a patriot, but I truly believe this will happen as it has every time before.

History has proven that even the most conservative, religious right based, absolutely ridiculous ideas have been corrected by our democratic process. It simply finds a way to bring things back to center (see Prohibition). There are peaks and valleys from time to time, we may even be in one of them now (you believe we are, I don't believe we are), but I�m confident all will come back to center at sometime. I'm not suggesting that we all be passive and let things work themselves out on their own. Quite the contrary. It's political involvement and activism that helps center radical thought. Very Buddhist concept, yet very apropos. What the net effect of the machine raging has on the process is it�s ability to speed this centric activity along.

As for my cause, I think I've posted my position on most of the topical issues of the day. I just recognize that I'm with the majority on some issues and the minority on others (many of which I'm eye to eye with you on). They may all be equally important to me in my mind, but I will never win them all and am willing to except this fact and not let it ruin my dinner. Life's just to fucking short. I don't care any more or less about them than you do, I just believe in the system and am willing to let it work.

Just some thoughts from an aged skateboarding outlaw�
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