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Tuesday, August 24, 2004


"These groups (527's) are named for the federal provision that makes such organizations tax exempt and allows them to accept unlimited donations." -- CNN
According to George W. Bush, 527 ads should not be allowed. "That means that ad, every other ad. Absolutely. I don't think we ought to have 527s." -- CNN

It's hard to get around the freedom of speech aspect of this issue. Maybe a disclaimer that says the ad in question does not reflect the opinion of the candidate it is intended to support. Something that tells the viewer that the ad is not funded by, nor solicited by the candidate it supports. Also, I think that these ads should be forced to deal in fact. Unsubstantiated claims should not be allowed. It's hard to stem the flow of slime during an election, but it is a noble effort, and one that should be given more than just serious consideration. We need serious legislation. The day when a man need not be rich to run for president will be the day our country lives up to it's promise and it's potential.

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